Chicago Restaurant Trends Explored: An Analysis of the Foodservice Market

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Chicago Restaurant Trends

Gone are the days of traditional market research and prospecting for foodservice companies and distributors. With the advent of Big Data and predictive analytics, companies now have more comprehensive tools to understand the foodservice market and its complexities. The key to success in the foodservice industry is staying ahead of the competition and understanding the latest trends in order to tap into new markets. Companies working in the foodservice sector require specialized information and data in order to make the most informed business decisions. Companies such as Brizo provide data-led insights and analytics to equip the sales team and to better understand the food service market.

Chicago is an intriguing case study for foodservice companies, as it is home to some of the leading and up-and-coming restaurant trends. To understand the Chicago food service market, it is important to study the variety of restaurant trends emerging across the city. This article aims to analyze the various restaurant trends in Chicago in order to inform foodservice companies and distributors about the various opportunities and challenges they face when expanding in the market.

Eateries & Fast Casual Concepts

One of the most pronounced restaurant trends in Chicago is the emergence of eateries and fast casual concepts. Eateries and fast casual concepts offer the same level of quality and service as a fine dining restaurant, but at much lower prices. These restaurants also typically offer takeout and delivery options, which can be especially beneficial for families or individuals working in the foodservice industry.

Eateries and fast casual concepts in Chicago include restaurants such as Kuma’s Corner, Greektown, and Harry Caray’s. Each of these restaurants is distinct in its menu and atmosphere and provides an interesting culinary experience for customers. Additionally, many of these eateries and fast casual concepts are expanding into new neighborhoods, providing new opportunities for restaurants to tap into different areas of the city.

Gourmet Fast Food & Delivery

Another noticeable trend in the Chicago restaurant market is the emergence of gourmet fast food and delivery services. This trend has been driven by the demand for convenience and affordability. Restaurants in Chicago such as Skillet Street Food, Smoque BBQ, The Fifty/50 Group, and Dimo’s Pizza are all examples of restaurants that are offering gourmet fast food and delivery services. This trend is becoming increasingly popular in the city as more restaurants recognize the potential of offering quick, convenient, and quality meals to their customers.

Upscale Dining Options

Chicago is home to some of the finest upscale dining options in the country. Restaurants such as Alinea, Schwa, and Acadia have all been praised for their inventive menu items and unique atmospheres. While these restaurants may be more costly than other restaurants in the city, they offer customers an experience unlike any other. Additionally, these upscale restaurants have been known to offer special tasting menus and exclusive dining experiences.

Living Room Restaurants

One of the more recent trends in restaurant dining in Chicago is the concept of living room restaurants. This concept is focused on providing a unique and intimate experience for customers. Restaurants such as The Publican, Owen & Engine, and Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits have embraced this concept and offer a cozy atmosphere that is unlike any other. These living room restaurants also typically feature a more extensive menu than traditional restaurants, focusing on small plates and craft cocktails.

Last reflections

As evident from the restaurant trends mentioned above, the Chicago restaurant market is becoming increasingly diverse and offering more creative culinary experiences to customers. Companies working in the foodservice industry need to understand these trends in order to strategically expand their operations and capture new markets. Brizo’s insights into the foodservice market provide rich data and market intelligence which can be used to understand the foodservice industry and enable companies to engage in more informed decision-making.