A Guide to Evaluating and Understanding Restaurant Industry Data

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Restaurant Industry Data

The restaurant industry is experiencing a period of rapid change. Foodservice operators and data providers must acquire the necessary insights to succeed in this new era of the foodservice market. With the right data, you can streamline production innovation, strategically expand your brand, and equip your sales team to succeed.

To this end, Brizo has developed the essential guide to understanding and evaluating restaurant industry data. We will cover key topics such as sales prospecting, competitive intelligence, and marketing insights, that will help restaurants, operators, and technology providers obtain a deeper understanding of the foodservice market. Our comprehensive and diverse set of data gives you the tools to acquire the insights you need to succeed.

Sales Prospecting

In order to make the most of sales prospecting in the foodservice market, you need relevant evidence to support your pitch. With Brizo’s data-driven insights and uniquely tailored data fields, you can uncover the best opportunities to close more leads. Our comprehensive datasheet allows users to conduct highly targeted research to identify desirable prospects and visualise the market for better understanding.

Brizo also provides a comprehensive breakdown of the prospects’ business details, including key contact information, roles, staff count, and competitive landscape. This allows you to obtain the insights needed to adequately make a sales pitch and acquire leads at a greater speed.

Competitive Intelligence

The foodservice industry is highly competitive and operators must keep up with their competitors in order to remain successful. Understanding the market on a deeper level gives you an edge over your competitors. Brizo’s data lets you track market trends and uncover competitor insights quickly and accurately.

Our data sets provide in-depth menu data and restaurant tech coverage. Using this information, you can identify the best strategies for marketing, product innovation, and resource allocation. With our extensive and tailored data sets, you can quickly understand the competitive landscape in order to anticipate disruption and drive your operations to success.

Marketing Intelligence

To market effectively in the foodservice market, you need to accurately identify target prospects and craft campaigns that appeal to them. With Brizo’s industry-led insights, you can hone in on the right prospects and craft an efficient campaign. You can also use our data to optimize your campaigns and target prospects with the utmost precision.

On top of that, our data also allows you to track consumer behavior in order to understand the beneficiaries of their campaigns — allowing you to effectively focus ad-spend on the most profitable regions, sectors, and customers.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

For many operators, expanding operations can be difficult and time consuming. With Brizo’s unique data-science capabilities, you can pinpoint the most promising locations for expansion and streamline production innovation. Our market intelligence platform allows you to identify the exact areas and populations who are likely to be interested in your product — enabling you to find new vendors and expand your business.

Data Enrichment

With more comprehensive market insights, you can make decisions with greater confidence. Our data-enrichment capabilities allow you to integrate data from various sources and systems for a full picture of the foodservice market. This gives you the ability to rapidly analyze different trends, quantify opportunities, and target the right prospects with accuracy.

In the end

The foodservice market is constantly evolving, and operators need the right data in order to succeed. With Brizo’s data-driven suite of insights, restaurants, operators, and technology providers can gain a greater understanding of the foodservice market and use this knowledge to craft informed decisions. Our data sets provide the necessary info to identify trends, acquire leads, and optimize campaigns — allowing operators to make strategic decisions and push their business towards success quickly and efficiently.