A Guide to Evaluating and Understanding Foodservice Trends

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Foodservice Trends

The foodservice industry is one of the fastest-growing and rapidly changing sectors in the U.S. As the market rapidly evolves, it is increasingly important for restaurant operators and food manufacturers to have access to up-to-date and in-depth research and analysis in order to remain competitive. However, with so many sources of data available, it can be difficult to know what to trust, and find the right information to make informed decisions.

That’s why Brizo is bringing you a guide to understanding and evaluating foodservice trends. Our data allows users to conduct highly targeted research into the foodservice market, while providing insights into the menu data and restaurant tech coverage. Read on to learn more about how our services can help equip your sales team, market effectively to the foodservice market, and more.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

Sales teams can use Brizo to gain a comprehensive understanding of current and emerging trends in the foodservice industry, enabling them to optimize their sales strategies. Access to our data gives sales professionals an inside look at what’s driving the market, from changes in menu offerings to the type of technology being used. This knowledge can be used to properly allocate resources to target the right prospects and effectively reach the desired consumers.

marketing to the Foodservice Market

Given the sheer volume of menu items and variety of customer preferences, it can be difficult to capture the attention of the foodservice market. Brizo utilizes data-driven insights, analytics, and market intelligence to help marketers attract, convert, and close leads. Our insights provide valuable information such as figures on foodservice customer growth and ownership, average sales per restaurant, and the latest trends in technology adoption, all of which can be leveraged to devise campaigns tailored to the right customers.

Find Kitchens and Expand Operations

Brizo also allows users to strategically expand their brand by streamlining production and increasing kitchen visibility. Our data is designed to help restaurant and foodservice operators locate and evaluate new kitchens or scouting locations in order to expand operations. Additionally, our insights can uncover business opportunities and identify operational issues, as well as make recommendations on the most desirable locations to maximize ROI.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is a vital part of the decision-making process for food service and manufacturing companies. Brizo provides comprehensive data insights and analysis to help users gain a better understanding of the industry and make decisions with more confidence. Our data can be used to inform everything from product development and launch timing, marketing strategies, and customer segmentation.