A Guide to Evaluating and Understanding Food Research Companies

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Food Research Companies

As the definition of “foodservice” expands to include food delivery, specialty meal kits, and meal subscription services, food service operators are increasingly turning to research companies and data solutions in order to stay informed about the latest industry trends and to make decisions that help their businesses thrive. In order to make the best decisions, foodservice companies should understand the different data solutions that are available and be able to evaluate and compare different providers’ offerings.

This guide provides an overview of food research companies, examines restaurant technology solutions that they provide, and outlines how foodservice operators can determine which data provider will best meet their needs.

What Is a Food Research Company?

A food research company is a firm that provides data and insights about the food industry. The insights and data are sourced from a variety of sources, such as menu data, restaurant industry trends, and customer feedback. Food research companies analyze this data and provide foodservice operators with insights that can help them make informed decisions about their business operations.

What Solutions Do Food Research Companies Provide?

Food research companies provide a number of solutions that can help foodservice operators in their decision making. These solutions include menu data analysis, customer feedback reports, restaurant technology solutions, and sales and marketing insights.

Menu Data Analysis

Using menu data analysis, foodservice operators can evaluate their menu offerings and make informed decisions about changes to their food and beverage offerings. Many companies also provide comprehensive menus for their clients, providing them with detailed information about popular dishes, prices, ingredient sources, and more. This enables foodservice operators to make data-driven decisions about their menu items that can maximize profits and minimize waste.

Customer Feedback Reports

Customer feedback reports provide foodservice operators with insights into customer preferences and satisfaction with their menu items. These reports typically include customer feedback from surveys and app reviews, as well as trend analysis of customer ordering patterns. With this information, foodservice operators can make decisions about menu items and customer service that will improve customer loyalty and revenue.

Restaurant Technology Solutions

Many food research companies provide restaurant technology solutions that can help foodservice operators streamline their operations and increase efficiency. These solutions include online ordering platforms, payment processing systems, inventory management software, POS systems, and more. With these solutions, foodservice operators can easily manage their operations and ensure that they are always providing the best possible customer experience.

Sales and Marketing Insights

Using data from food research companies, foodservice operators can gain insights into sales and marketing initiatives that can help them reach more customers and increase their sales. This data can be used to develop effective marketing strategies and to refine pricing models that will maximize revenue.

Choosing the Right Food Research Company

When evaluating food research companies, foodservice operators should consider the solutions that are offered by each provider. In particular, they should consider the type of data that is available, the accuracy of the data, the level of customer service provided, and the cost of the services. By comparing these factors, foodservice operators can determine which provider best meets their needs and provides the most value for their business.