A Guide to Evaluating and Understanding Food Industry Data

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Food Industry Data

Recent advances in data technology have paved the way for a better understanding of the food industry. From consumer trends to sales prospecting and restaurant tech coverage, profiting from the food industry requires informed decisions based on meaningful data. For such a complicated industry, getting actionable insights into the market can be daunting. That’s where Brizo comes in.

Brizo provides a board and diverse set of data for deeper foodservice market understanding and analysis. Our data allows for highly targeted research and prospecting of the foodservice market with unique data fields specific to the food service industry. For franchisors looking to expand locations and trying to understand local food trends, this comprehensive data makes the job much easier.

By equipping your sales team with data-driven insights and analytics, you’re making it easier to attract, convert and close more leads. For sales teams looking to access menu data, financial metrics, details about restaurant technology and more, our solutions can offer invaluable insight into the market. This allows your team to more effectively focus on sales prospects that are likely to be profitable.

Our richer data also allows you to streamline production innovation and strategically expand your brand by enriching your systems with breath-taking market insight and make decisions with confidence. Brizo offers broad coverage of the US food service industry, from the local hot spots to the biggest retail chains. By having access to daily collection on menu items, ingredients, attributes, and cooking instructions, Franchisors can make informed decisions about where to open new locations and what to serve to best fit the local trend.

To take full advantage of the food industry, team with Brizo to get the insights you need to make smarter business decisions. With over 140 different data fields and a comprehensive database of over 500,000 active food service locations, all the data you need to succeed is waiting to be found. With our additional features such as customer segmentation and insights into consumer flavors and ingredients preferences, you’re one step closer to understanding the food industry.

So when you’re looking to make informed decisions about the food industry, use Brizo’s broad and diverse data to gain a deep understanding of the food service industry. Utilizing our unique data fields specific to the food service industry and comprehensive insights, teams can strategically grow their business, find new kitchen locations, and increase sales prospects in the market.