A Guide to Evaluating and Understanding Consumer Eating Habits

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Consumer Eating Habits

Navigating the foodservice market with limited resources can be a daunting challenge. Businesses looking to expand their footprints into new regions often find themselves at a loss for reliable market intelligence, especially when it comes to understanding consumer eating habits and preferences.

The goal of this guide is to provide a comprehensive overview of researching and understanding consumer eating habits. data about customer preferences can help you develop informed and strategic market expansion plans. In the following sections, we will discuss the importance of data-driven market intelligence, Brizo’s suite of data-enrichment tools, and the benefits associated with using these tools in the context of market expansion.

The Benefits of Data-Driven Market Intelligence

Data-driven market intelligence is a powerful tool for any business looking to stay competitive in the foodservice industry. Having access to comprehensive market information about consumer behaviors and preferences can help companies make informed decisions about new product launches, branch expansions, and promotional campaigns.

Data-driven market intelligence can also be particularly useful for differentiating a company from the competition. Having access to local and regional insights into customer, menu trends, pricing, and customer segmentation can help a company anticipate and plan for market changes before the competition does. Additionally, understanding how customers feel about the product offering can help inform pricing strategies and make adjustments to the product offering as needed to become more competitive.

Brizo’s Suite of Data-Enrichment Tools

Brizo offers comprehensive market intelligence solutions tailored to the foodservice industry. Brizo’s team of data scientists leverage extensive insights into customer and menu trends to provide tailored research and prospecting assistance, enabling companies to make informed decisions about their market expansion plans.

Brizo offers an array of data enrichment and analytics features that allow businesses to zero-in on their market of interest. Using information about customer preferences, menu trends, and pricing, companies can use insights to identify prospective customers and create targeted promotional campaigns. Brizo’s data-enrichment features also enable companies to get a better understanding of the local community, enabling them to identify where to locate new branches and to develop more effective promotional campaigns tailored to their specific market.

Find Kitchens and Expand Operations

Data-driven market intelligence can also help businesses make informed decisions about business operations and where to locate kitchens. Using insights from Brizo’s suite of data-enrichment tools, companies can target and reach out to prospective customers in new areas and develop their branch network based on research-backed data. Discovering local trends related to customer preferences can also help businesses fine-tune their product offerings and stay ahead of the competition by understanding customer needs and tastes ahead of time.


Mastering the art of understanding and evaluating consumer eating habits is no easy task. Companies seeking to break into unfamiliar markets can find themselves at a loss for reliable market intelligence. Thankfully, data-driven market intelligence is here to help. Companies looking to expand in the foodservice industry can leverage the insights and analytics features provided by Brizo to get a better understanding of customer preferences and market trends. With deeper insights into the foodservice market, companies can make informed decisions about where to locate new kitchens and which promotional strategies to launch.