8 Surprising Insights on BBQ Restaurants in the USA and Canada

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With beautiful weather and holidays like Canada Day and the Fourth of July, summer is prime time for barbeque. In fact, according to Statistica, July is the most popular month for barbecuing and grilling. With that being said, not all have the set-up, or even the time, to grill outdoors. When the craving for grilled meat strikes mid-summer, customers turn to their favorite BBQ joints.

Using Brizo FoodMetric’s online data dashboard, we found a total of 41,269 establishments in the U.S. & Canada that offer BBQ on their menus. That’s a lot of choices for hungry diners looking to get a plate of saucy ribs and a side of coleslaw. For vendors looking to sell to BBQ establishments or restaurants trying to do research for competitive intelligence, 41,269 is a vast number of establishments to search through.

Gathering intel about foodservice establishments can be time-consuming and inefficient, so we decided to do the work for you. Here are some more data-rich barbeque facts we found with Brizo FoodMetrics’s platform:

BBQ establishment facts in the U.S. & Canada 

1. BBQ joints with outdoor seating – With summer as the prime season for BBQ, you probably want to sit outside and enjoy your brisket and beer in the sunshine. There are over 14,580 barbecue establishments that offer outdoor seating across both countries.

2. State with the most barbeque – What U.S. state did your mind first go to? Was it Texas? If so – you were close. Texas is in second with a total of 4,327 establishments offering BBQ, while California is in first with 4,588 locations. 

Curious what the difference is between California and Texas BBQ? According to The Daily Meal, California is best known for its Santa Maria-style barbecue, which is typically tri-tip seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic salt and grilled over red oak embers. Texas has multiple regions of BBQ –  central Texas is best known for brisket, while East Texas is heavy on smoked beef and pork simmered in sauce.

3. Kid-friendly barbeque establishments – Luckily for families with children, most BBQ establishments in the U.S. are listed as being children-friendly. Out of the total BBQ  establishments, 31,420  are children-friendly.

4. Chains vs Independents – In total, our platform has 11,266 chain establishments that offer BBQ menu items listed, with Applebees leading with the most locations (806). Texas Roadhouse and LongHorn Steakhouse fall in second and third, with both listed as having exactly 558 locations. Compared to chains there are more than 30,000 independent restaurants offering BBQ.

5. Vegan, Vegetarian…and BBQ? – If you’re dining with those that eschew meat but can’t ignore the craving for spare ribs and grilled sausage, you don’t have to skip out on the BBQ. Out of the BBQ establishments, approximately 18,000 locations also offer vegetarian food, while 5,000+ offer vegan food. 

Are you are plant-based meat company looking to sell into the food service sector? Our data shows that there is ample opportunity for that! Or, if you’re a restaurant looking to stay one step ahead of your competition, it may be a good idea to differentiate your offerings and add some vegan menu items.

6. Contacts from BBQ Establishments – If you’re trying to get in touch with these BBQ restaurant owners, operators, and decisions makers, Brizo has your back. Our platform has 41,000+ unique contacts on these BBQ establishments in  U.S. and Canada. Think about how long that would take to gather that yourself (it’s instant with our platform).

7. Ratings and reviews – Barbecue is pretty darn good – in fact, 20,481 boast a 4.5-star rating, while 2,775 have an impressive 5-star rating. 14,446 have at least a 4.0-rating, making very few BBQ establishments with a 3.9-rating or lower. If you’re someone that always checks ratings and reviews, be rest assured that most establishments have at least 100 reviews, with most having between 250-5,000 reviews.

8. Korean BBQ – Most barbecue establishments identify as “American” food, but out of all of them, 2,821 identify as offering Korean barbecue menu items. If you’re not familiar with this style of BBQ, popular dishes include bulgogi, galbi, and Samgyupsal Gui.

Using Brizo FoodMetrics’s platform for more actionable insights

Now that you have a taste of data-rich insights on BBQ establishments in the U.S. & Canada, you might be wondering, “What else can Brizo’s platform do?”. Curious how many restaurants in the United States offer plant-based menu items? Or, how many restaurants are kid-friendly and offer outdoor seating in the state of South Carolina? How many contacts can you find for independent fast-casual establishments in Vancouver? Yes – Brizo’s platform can provide you with all of this information (instantly, too).

Brizo FoodMetric’s easy-to-use online platform will help you and your team reduce time spent on restaurant market research by 20-40 percent. If you want to find and target sales-ready leads, you can use our large array of restaurant data analytics and boost sales conversion rates by up to 80 percent. For more context, our platform draws from 500,000 data sources, delivers three unique scores for over 800,000 eating and drinking establishments, and has 12.5 million searchable menu items with pricing.

We know – it seems wild that this level of insight and convenience is possible, but we promise it is! Curious to try it out for yourself? Reach out to us today for a free trial today