10 Trends to Watch Out for in Pizza in 2023

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Pizza Trends 2018

As a data provider, you need to be aware of the latest pizza trends as you create your product and service offerings to stay competitive. Public taste preferences and restaurant operators’ business decisions are changing the fast-food landscape. Here are the top 10 things to consider regarding pizza trends in 2023.

1. Unique Dietary Options: Gluten-free and vegan-friendly pizzas are growing in popularity, and operations that have these offerings will increasingly gain customers. Some operations are offering pizzas that are completely free of wheat-based products, so it’s important to research the dietary preferences within a given market.

2. Customization: Many restaurants are realizing that giving customers the ability to customize their pizzas will lead to better customer experience and may even lead to more sales. Think about how you can give customers more input in the ingredients and preparation of their pizzas.

3. Healthy and Natural Sugars: Customers have become more health conscious and don’t want to consume artificial ingredients. More customers are avoiding soda and even opting for water while they eat. Restaurants should ensure they offer healthy options that involve natural sugars instead of processed carbs.

4. Non-Traditional Toppings: Some places are offering breakfast pizzas, which are topped with eggs and bacon. Some are offering spicy pizzas, like chili pepper pizzas. Toppings like fish, edamame, shiitake mushrooms, and other vegetables are becoming popular as well.

5. Stuffed Crusts: While pizza hut was the big player in stuffed crusts several years ago, now other chains and restaurants are offering stuff crusts for their pizzas as a way of giving customers something different.

6. Gourmet Pizza Prep: Offering a range of different doughs, smaller slices, and desired flavors are trends that many restaurants are utilizing. For an upscale restaurant, choose toppings that are more unique and flavorful.

7. Pizza Flatbreads: Many restaurants are offering pizza-crust flatbreads with unique toppings. This is a cost-effective way for restaurants to offer something different while still keeping the pizza theme alive.

8. Eating Locally Sourced Items: Becoming locally sourced, natural and organic are trends that have been impacting the food industry in general for some time—and pizza is no exception. Customers are increasingly seeking out locally sourced ingredients for pizza.

9. Focus on Kids: The kids’ menu is an important part of the pizza industry. Pizza restaurants need to keep kids in mind when creating new items. For example, some restaurants have created mini pizzas that are great examples of pie-size-for-kids.

10. Keeping Customers Up to Date: Customers want a smooth and easy experience when researching and ordering pizza. Many restaurants are developing delivery-tracking apps with real-time updates on the status of their order. Restaurants are also engaging customers by using social media to create more meaningful relationships – and making sure to focus on customer service.

Pizza trends are changing annually, so it is important to stay on top of them to ensure your restaurant or product offerings stay relevant and up to date. With unique dietary options, customizations, non-traditional toppings and flatbread pizzas, the focus on health and eating locally sourced items, and keeping customers up to date, restaurant technology providers have many things to consider as they create their product and service offerings for the upcoming year. By staying aware of and prepared for the changing pizza trends, you can ensure that you stay competitive in the marketplace.