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ezCater exploite la richesse des informations de Brizo afin de qualifier plus rapidement les pistes entrantes et de se consacrer à la qualité.

  • Having Brizo’s added layers of intelligence gives us so much more clarity on our markets and partners — not only so we can be precise in our inbound partnerships leads but also so we can think more holistically about how and where to grow. It’s a huge enabler for our team.


    EZ Cater Representative


As the world’s largest online marketplace for business catering, ezCater oversees a network of 94,000 restaurants that serve a Fortune 500 client base. The company is continually growing its restaurant roster, and its success and reputation generate a steady stream of inbound leads from establishments who want to be ezCater suppliers.

It’s a constant challenge, however, determining which restaurants to focus on: Qualifying them can eat up the company’s time.

Through Brizo FoodMetrics’ potent mix of highly refined data, ezCater can quickly identify the right partners.


Leveraging full integration with Brizo’s database, ezCater uses the platform’s detailed establishment and menu filters to pre-qualify inbound leads based on factors like business concentration, cuisine type, ratings and reviews, and technology in use, including delivery apps.

With this buffet of analytics, ezCater is able to:


ezCater is now enjoying the benefits of:

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