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Bbot fait appel à Brizo pour un ciblage précis, de meilleurs résultats et moins d’efforts.

  • I like the cleanliness and consistency of Brizo’s data. It saves time. Other providers’ data really falls off when it comes to the hospitality industry. We’ve built automations that help process specifically Brizo lists — and the Brizo lists get into Salesforce a lot faster.

    Chris Pope
    Director, Revenue Operations Bbot


Bbot, a DoorDash company, has built a powerful contactless payment platform for restaurants that allows digital, customer-controlled ordering and has shown to boost check size by an average of 30%.

Bbot depends heavily on data to produce its frequent outbound email campaigns, but in the past had trouble building clean, current lists. Data providers either weren’t that reliable, or weren’t specific enough to hospitality, or didn’t easily support Bbot’s CRM — all making it more difficult and time-consuming to generate quality leads.

Then Bbot paired up with Brizo FoodMetrics, and the result is an umami of actionable insight that the Bbot team says “fits us perfectly…and who we target as a customer”.


Bbot focuses on restaurants and hotels using mainly a combination of email marketing and phone-based outbound calling. With campaigns that take in enterprise and large chains down to smaller independents, the Brizo FoodMetrics Foodservice Market Analytics platform covers all the bases — and drills down to all the important details.

Through Brizo’s foodservice-friendly searching and refining, Bbot is able to:



Bbot is now enjoying the sweet success of:

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