Understanding the Burger Trends: Frequently Asked Questions

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Burger Trends

The hamburger has long been one of America’s favorite foods, and the concept of a burger continues to evolve and surprise us in modern times. With the advent of higher-end fast-food restaurants, vegan and vegan “burger” options, and unique regional takes on the traditional hamburger, the industry has seen a major shift in the way we think about burgers.

In order to keep up with the changing consumer habits, foodservice operators must stay on top of the latest burger trends. To understand the changing landscape and the various questions dining establishments have when it comes to burgers, here are some frequently asked questions about burger trends.

What is the Role of Technology in Burger Trends?

As the burgerindustry continues to evolve, technology is playing a major role in its evolution. Many quick- serve restaurants now have kiosks where customers can see their orders and customize them to their likings. In addition, some restaurants have augmented reality technology that can show customers what their burgers will look like before they place their order. Additionally, apps like Spotify are creating dynamic music lists for fast-food restaurants, allowing customers to have a unique experience while dining.

Are Vegan Burgers Popular?

Yes, vegan burgers are becomingincreasingly popular as more people are choosing to lead a vegan lifestyle. Many foodservice operators are seeing an increase in demand for vegetarian and vegan burger options, meaning they must be aware of the current vegan burger trends. Additionally, vegan and vegetarian burgers are an important part of creating a socially responsible menu, which is another important factor when considering burger trends.

Do Regional Burger Trends Matter?

Yes, regional burger trends are incredibly important when it comes to understanding the consumer base and tailoring your establishment’s menu to provide these options. For example, some popular regional variants of the traditional hamburger can include the Philadelphia cheesesteak burger and the Southern-style fried chicken sandwich. Understanding local tomato and lettuce preferences, as well as levels of spiciness, can help you create a menu that caters to your regional customers.

What Other Factors Should be Considered with Burger Trends?

When considering burger trends, it is important to also keep in mind other factors, such as sustainability and allergen-free burger options. Foodservice operators should consider a wide range of ingredients when it comes to creating not only customer-friendly burgers but also burgers that are more friendly to the planet. In addition, offering allergen-free burger options (i.e., gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.) contributes to creating a socially responsible menu.