Understanding Burger Trends to Make an Informed Expansion Decision

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Burger Trends

Over the years, the burger industry has grown in leaps and bounds. From fast-food outlets to gastropubs, burgers have cemented themselves as a ubiquitous player in the food and beverage industry. With the rise in customer demand, franchisors have been increasingly looking into expanding the businesses by opening multiple locations, catering to local food trends.

Making the right decision requires considerable insights into the current and projected trends that come with a deep understanding of the industry. With such insights, a franchisor can then weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision to expand operations. At Brizo, we provide data enrichment and market intelligence services to equip our clients with the necessary tools to make the right decisions according to the ever-evolving foodservice market.

In-Depth menu Data & Restaurant Coverage

The first element of the decision-making process is to understand the current trends in the market. Doing so necessitates a comprehensive breakdown of the food offerings. At Brizo, our menu data covers the expanse of food items and restaurant coverage that present a wide variety of trends in the foodservice industry. It offers an in-depth analysis of foods, their pricing, and other metrics that provides a comprehensive picture of the industry’s offerings on a national level.

Our restaurant coverage is isolated to the United States and provides a granular analysis of each geographical region by state. This allows our clients to identify popular menu items at different establishments, as seen by consumers. Our data can be used to maximize the effectiveness of a franchisor’s marketing efforts and identify effective strategies for growth in the short and long term.

Sales Prospecting for the Foodservice Market

Using a comprehensive base of data, franchisors can target their prospects. With Brizo, a franchisor can direct their attention to the right prospects and get a good understanding of the market segment for particular geographical regions to gain a competitive edge. This helps in the selection process when deciding to expand operations to new areas or adjust existing business models.

Our sales prospecting services include insights into competitors and their menus, as well as prices and customer reviews of the target outlets. This allows a franchisor to have a better idea of the current market and align a prospective business model accordingly. In addition to this, it allows a franchisor to be well prepared for the competition already in the market.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

The effectiveness of a business’s marketing efforts will depend on the understanding of the target audience. At Brizo, we provide insights into consumer behavior in the foodservice market such as taste preferences by demographic and the typical customer profile in a particular area. This can be leveraged to assess the best marketing strategies for a particular franchise and understand preferences in the market in relation to the franchisor’s food offering.

Combining information such as competitive advantages of the business and consumer behavior trends, a franchisor can attract, convert, and close more leads.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Apart from data enrichment and understanding of the foodservice market, Brizo assists franchisors in finding the right kitchens and locations to expand operations. A detailed location report enables clients to find the best areas with ample foot traffic and potential customers.

The report also provides a comprehensive overview of the market to ensure that the franchise is well placed in the location and identified opportunities to increase revenue. Our comprehensive analysis of operational needs such as kitchen size, utilities, and equipment makes it easier to expand the business.


For franchisors looking to make informed decisions about expanding operations, the rapid and ever-evolving foodservice market presents many challenges. With the right data enrichment and insights, a franchisor can reduce risks associated with opening and expanding branches in new locations.

At Brizo, we help our clients gain a competitive edge by providing the most comprehensive data available for the foodservice industry. We assist them in achieving their growth objectives and cater to the needs of their consumers and the market.