Top 10 Things to Consider Regarding Burger Trends

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Burger Trends

The burger trend in the United States is ever-changing, as new ingredients, flavors and cooking styles evolve with the times. This has left restaurant owners wondering how they can entice customers into their stores with delicious burgers. There are many factors that come into play when creating and marketing a mouthwatering burger, from the bun to the fixings. Understanding the burger trends and how they apply to you will help you to build an attractive menu and devise creative burger related marketing strategies.

Here are the top 10 trends to consider when developing or marketing a burger:

1. Health Consciousness:  Health is a priority in the modern era, and many diners are now looking for things that allow them to feel like they are making healthier choices. This can include opting for gluten-free buns, organic beef, vegan alternatives and putting emphasis on smart calorie counts.

2. Upscaled Burgers: Traditional burgers have been updated with high-class ingredients such as rare cheeses, and high-quality meats like wagyu beef and specialty bacon blends.

3. Unconventional Toppings: Customers are starting to explore toppings beyond the traditional shredded lettuce and tomatoes with items such as fried egg, exotic mushrooms, avocado, pickles, and anything else that can add flavor and texture.

4. International Flavors: Diners are interested in unique flavors from around the world. This could include fried plantains, guacamole, kimchi, spicy sauces, or even ethnic condiments such as Jamaican jerk sauce or aioli.

5. Stuffing The Bun: Rather than adding toppings to the outside of the bun, customers are getting creative by stuffing the bun with anything from mac n’ cheese to roast beef.

6. Alternate Buns: Customers are starting to explore buns beyond the typical white and wheat options. This can include potato buns, pretzel buns, Hawaiian buns, ciabatta, and even waffle buns.

7. Sauce Drizzles: Sauces are no longer just served alongside burgers but they are actually being drizzled over the top of the burger right before it is served.

8. Craft Burgers: Many restaurants are starting to create sandwiches that are more than just burgers. For example, The Ranchero Burger, a Tex-Mex inspired burger with avocado-ranch mayo, pepper Jack cheese, and jalapenos, has become a big hit.

9. Exotic Meats: Exotic meats are becoming popular, from alligator meat to wild boar. This can provide customers with the opportunity to sample something new and exciting.

10. Plant-Based Burgers: Plant-based burger options are also becoming increasingly popular as customers look for animal-free alternatives.

The burger trends are ever-evolving and it is important to stay informed in order to remain competitive in the market. By understanding the top 10 burger trends and utilizing them in creative ways, restaurants can entice customers and bring in new business.