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Leverage food industry market insights with a complete foodservice business profiles and menu analytics


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Satisfy your craving for growth with an insight-driven data platform designed for hungry restaurant and foodservice suppliers.

Sales Prospecting

Find, target and qualify sales-ready foodservice locations to increase conversion rates by up to 80%.

Targeted Marketing

Optimize campaigns and identify new markets and operators with on-demand market insights.

Find Operators

Discover new partners and find kitchens and operators with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before.

Market Research

Cut the amount of time spent researching potential restaurant markets and analyze competitor share.

Why Choose Us

Foodservice Focused

Analyze 1.2 million food & beverage establishments quickly and easily

Menu Data & Pricing

Observing over 11B+ menu items to offer a complete picture market menu offering, pricing, ratings and more

Tech Stack Usage Details

Search and filter by operator's use of online ordering system, delivery apps, etc. 500+ technology stack details

Verified Contact Info

Target with efficiency and export with ease. Over 800K+ verified contacts

Some of our clients who innovate, grow and scale using Brizo

"With Brizo FoodMetrics, we can identify and segment customers based on business needs and consumer insights, allowing us to create custom databacked campaigns."
Global Development Team
"In the past, we would choose a city and hope for the best. With Brizo, now we can analyze which market presents the greatest opportunity based on several valuable data points."
Andrew Simmons, CEO
“We’ve been able to substantiate our total addressable market and further segment our sales team with the data validation provided by Brizo FoodMetrics. ”
Bryan Grobstein, Director of Business Dev

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