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Online Ordering Platforms
Reservation Solutions
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With Brizo FoodMetrics, you can analyze your competitors’ market share, find restaurants without delivery solutions, identify food service vendors with in-house tech solutions, or discover the technology partners your customers are using.

How Brizo Helps

Marketplace Delivery Apps

Monitor 18 different marketplace delivery apps servicing restaurants across North America.

Online Ordering Solutions

Review over 220 online ordering solutions used by restaurants across North America.

Online Reservation Solutions

Keep tabs on 17 different online reservation solutions that service restaurants across North America.

Sales Representatives

Prospect less and pitch more! Our restaurant intelligence dashboard allows for quick and easy research on every prospect before picking up the phone. Find contact information from phone numbers to email addresses (both local & corporate). Personalize every conversation based on the web footprint of every restaurant you contact.

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Sales Executives

Accelerate your revenue growth with the industry-leading sales tool. Identify new and emerging markets for your team. Develop high-quality leads lists. Monitor your competitors. All at your fingertips. (Get additional sales support through our white-label call center where our team handles the cold calling for you.)

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Marketing Managers

Accurately identify your TAM, analyze competitors, and more with our restaurant intelligence dashboard. Our robust data set allows your team to create personalized campaigns based on cuisine, location, tech stack, and more.

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