Exploring Hot Hamburger Trends in the US Foodservice Market

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Hamburger Trends

This article looks at hamburger trends in the US foodservice market. Franchises looking to expand their locations and understand local food trends would find this article particularly useful. We’ll examine data.com/en/platform/’ target=’_blank’>menu innovation, restaurant technology, and localized data enrichment, which provide deeper insight into the US foodservice market and help franchises understand the hamburger landscape.

The hamburger is an iconic dish in the United States’ culinary culture. It’s no wonder why it’s still one of the nation’s go-to snacks, meals, and desserts. As such, it’s important for franchisors to be able to tap into the latest trends in hamburger acquisition and consumption. Fortunately, leveraging the right data and technologies can grant you access to detailed insights into exactly what’s hot in the hamburger market in the US.

Getting Access to the Latest Menu Data

A great starting point for exploring hamburger trends is examining high-integrity menu data. Brizo provides a comprehensive database and data analysis service that can give you access to the most up-to-date menu items being sold throughout the US foodservice market. Whether you’re looking for new burger recipes or trying to understand the market’s reaction to a particular patty or condiment, accessing the latest menu data can tell you a lot about how your target market feels about your food.

Using restaurant technology to better understand trends

Technology is a huge factor in the US foodservice market, and that includes hamburgers. Tracking technologies such as location tracking apps and AI-driven customer behavior analysis can help you make decisions about which hamburger recipes and flavors have the most wide appeal. Additionally, tech-driven restaurant loyalty programs can give you a better idea of how customers are engaging with your products after they walk in the door, including which burgers they’re ordering and if they’re coming back on a regular basis.

Ensuring accurate data to make informed decisions

Data enrichment is an important step when exploring hamburger trends. By supplementing your records with additional categories such as ordering preferences, caloric data, customer reviews, and more, you can make sure that you are making informed choices about which burgers to include on your menu and where you should position them.

The bottomline

The foodservice market is a complex and constantly shifting landscape. With a broad range of U.S. hamburger trends to explore, finding the right insights and leveraging the latest technologies can be daunting. However, introducing quality data, leveraging restaurant technologies, and supplementing records with enriched datasets can provide franchisors with invaluable insights into the hamburger market in the US, enabling better decisions–and better burgers.