Everything to Know About Burger Trends in 2023 – Pros and Cons

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Burger Trends 2023

Feature-packed burgers have come to represent something of a golden era in the restaurant industry. From gourmet creations with Angus beef and artisan cheeses, to vegan alternatives made with plant-based proteins, the humble burger has seen an incredible evolution.

In the global restaurant industry, the burger remains one of the most popular and widely consumed food choices. The popularity and appeal of these convenient snacks are now proven year-on-year at eateries and fast-food chains across the world.

With a newly-discovered appetite for inventive and more wholesome burgers, the burger trend in 2023 looks set to reach new heights as an enduring symbol of foodservice innovation. Along with meaty favorites, heightened consumer demand for plant-based proteins is also fuelling the trend – with more health-conscious customers demanding nutritious yet tasty alternatives.

Here, we assess the impacts of burger trends in 2023, highlighting the pros and cons, and exploring the analysis of foodservice market intelligence in the process.

Exploring the Benefits of New Burger Trends in 2023

The rise in burger-focused restaurant concepts has ushered in a whole new era of snacking. From morning ‘brekkie burgers’ with freshly-baked buns and poached eggs, to veggie-friendly options made with beef-free patties, the menu possibilities show no sign of fading.

A host of big-name restaurant brands have also joined the burger band wagon. The emergence of plant-based burgers from companies such as Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods and Moving Mountains have offered the opportunity to create new lines in the celebrity foodie stakes, with innovative ingredients, flavors and food formats set to take center stage.

For foodservice operators, the growth in popularity of burgers shows no sign of slowing down. By leveraging food trends and leveraging the data enrichment insights provided by Brizo, operators have the opportunity to truly understand their target audience and craft effective strategies based on customer behavior.

From capitalizing on the menus of these spots to building a comprehensive view of the industry, teams are set to benefit from understanding the customer experience – both in the the back-of-house operations. From consolidating menu lines to introducing new options, operators are ideally placed to capitalize on trends.

Analysing the Disadvantages of Burger Trends in 2023

At the same time, burger trends in 2023 are sure to be met with a number of challenges and drawbacks.

For one, operators will face the challenge of creating inventive food choices that can stand up to the same level of praise as the more traditional meat-based burgers. The emergence of vegan and veggie-friendly menu options has put an emphasis on healthy yet tasty options, with quick-service brands now expected to produce a diverse and high-quality range of alternative dishes.

It’s also worth noting the financial implications of tight competition in the burger market. With more meat-free choices now available, operators must determine the proper pricing points for their products. A potential solution could be the optimization of operational procedures, thus enabling cost savings that can be reinvested back into the business.

Finally, the maintenance of a quality customer service experience may prove to be another crucial factor. For consumers, the burger realm has evolved from a snack into something of a gourmet venture. With this in mind, restaurants should continue to develop strong relationships with their target audiences to retain interest and loyalty.

Unlocking the Empowerment of Burger Trends in 2023

The advancement of burger trends in 2023 has largely been supported by the speed, convenience, and affordability of snack cuisine. By analysing consumer preferences and forecasting trends, both restaurant and fast-food chains can identify and leverage these opportunities.

Data enrichment insights like those offered by Brizo provide a comprehensive view of the foodservice market, enabling operators to build robust strategies for growth, develop effective marketing plans, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

When it comes to burgers, the prospects are seemingly endless. Operators can continue to tweak and develop their menus to ensure customers remain engaged, all while capitalizing on the larger foodservice market using insights from Brizo.

By understanding and utilising the advantages and disadvantages of burger trends in 2023, operators are sure to benefit from a plethora of opportunities and experiences. With the right data-backed strategies, restaurant and fast-food brands can take advantage of the burger phenomenon, unveiling a range of menu items that offers something for everyone.