Evaluating and Understanding Account Based Analytics Platforms for Restaurants: A Guide for Franchisors

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Account Based Analytics Platform For Restaurants

For restaurant franchisors, finding success in the ever-changing landscape of the foodservice market often hinges on access to reliable and comprehensive data analysis and analytics. Fortunately, modern Account Based Analytics (ABA) platforms like Brizo offer sophisticated market insights that help franchisors make informed and data-driven decisions about their expansion and operational efforts. Not only does the information they provide give franchisors the insights they need to accurately target their customer demographic, but it also helps them streamline their operation processes and gain an intimate understanding of consumer behaviors and trends.

In this guide, we’ll explore the advantages of using an ABA platform like Brizo, and provide an overview of the basics needed to get the most out of these powerful data insights when expanding your brand’s presence into new markets.

What exactly is Account Based Analytics?

ABA is a type of market data analysis that allows franchisors to use powerful deep-learning algorithms to gain valuable insights into current industry trends, business performance, and customer buying behavior. Brizo combines sophisticated technology and its extensive foodservice market source database to uncover actionable insights that can help franchise owners remain competitive in the crowded realm of foodservice.

What Benefits Does Brizo Offer Franchisees?

With Brizo, franchisors can take advantage of its exclusive data enrichment, sales and marketing opportunities, and prospecting tools to help them gain an edge over their competition. Here are just some of the benefits that Brizo can offer when it comes to expanding your brand and operating your restaurant.

Sales/Marketing Prospecting:

Brizo’s extensive menu data and restaurant tech-coverage empowers franchisors to target their specific customer base with greater accuracy. This allows them to build valuable and productive relationships with local businesses, uncover long tail niche markets and corresponding demand, and strategize promotional efforts.

Data Enrichment:

Brizo offers in-depth reviews and reporting of sales and customer data, so franchisors can always stay one step ahead of their competition. This helps them identify consumer interests and needs, as well as opportunities to innovate their product offerings, services, and marketing efforts.

Kitchen Expansion/Find Kitchens:

In addition, Brizo can help you optimize your kitchen efficiency and expand your presence by providing you with insightful and detailed insights into local food trends and production volumes. This intelligence can help you pinpoint the ideal kitchen locations for your brand and optimize your production capacity.

Key point

Account Based Analytics platforms like Brizo are invaluable tools for restaurant franchisors looking to increase market share and remain competitive in the crowded foodservice market. Through its exclusive data enrichment, sales and marketing opportunities, and prospecting tools, Brizo offers everything you need to understand current industry trends, plan for success, and ensure efficient growth for your brand.